5 Brilliant Uses for the iPhone Camera

a picture of a phone camera taking a photo of a yellow flower

Photography is a favorite hobby of mine. Capturing a beautiful image is an amazing thing, filling one with a feeling of sublime satisfaction. But photography isn’t solely about art. Sometimes, it can be a useful tool, a way of making your life a little easier. You’re probably wondering what we mean by this, so why don’t we just show you. Here are some awesomely brilliant ways of using an iPhone camera, for more than just selfies.

1. Take a picture of the contents of your fridge before you go shopping

They say never go shopping when you’re hungry. That’s good advice to avoid over-shopping. But how do you avoid under-shopping, missing those crucial items that slipped your mind at the last second? Sure, you could make a list, but wouldn’t it just be easier to take a quick snapshot of your refrigerator at home before setting out for your supermarket sweep? The picture will remind you what you’re missing and what you already have too much of.


2. Take a screenshot of directions

With your iPhone, you have the ability to GPS your exact location and directions to another. This is assuming, of course, that you have service. What happens if you’re in a bad area or have to go underground? That’s why bringing up the directions before you move and taking a screenshot is a great way to avoid such a predicament.


3. Lost coat check/dry cleaning ticket

These are serious nuisances…until now. Just use your iPhone camera to snap a shot of your ticket and you can absentmindedly leave that piece of paper anywhere and you’re still good!


4. Have your Wi-Fi password close at hand

Who wants to get up from the couch, walk over to the router and look on the backside for the Wi-Fi network name and password? It’s a hassle. Next time you get a new router and Wi-Fi network, take a picture of the network name and password so you’ll always have it at your fingertips.


5. When moving, take pictures of the contents of your boxes so you can find things easily later

This is one of the most useful uses for the iPhone camera. Sure you can write “Books”on the side of the box, but you might forget if they’re baby books or textbooks. “Clothes” is hardly specific enough either. Instead, snap a picture of the contents before you seal them up for the big move.



Dr. Sam Sadati is the owner and practitioner of The Sadati Center of Aesthetic Dentistry in West Palm Beach and a leader in the world of cosmetic dentistry and smile design. He is the only accredited cosmetic dentist in all of South Florida and is one of only forty dentists in the world to receive an Accredited Fellow honor from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).  Apart from creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Sadati enjoys photography, travel, and the opportunity to tell a good joke.  If you have a question or comment, dental-related or otherwise, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. We always reply to our fans and followers!