5 Lifehacks to Cleanup the House

man with broom watching a child brush the dirt into a dust pan

Fixing up the house is always a daunting task. Whether it’s spring cleaning or weekly chores or your clutter tolerance has been exceeded, at some point you’ve got to tidy up where you live. But why make it more of a hassle than it already is? There’s a lot of nifty tricks and often overlooked techniques that will enable you a master of fixing up your house. They’re called HouseHacks.

Easy Trash

Don’t you hate when you try to pull a full trash bag from the can, but it won’t budge or slides up only a few centimeters? It could be overstuffed or, more commonly, suction at the bottom is preventing it. Here’s the answer: drill holes in the bottom of the garbage to eliminate this suction problem. The bag will slide right out.


Perfect Paintbrush

So you’ve finally gotten up the courage to try and paint the windowsill without touching the walls. Well, one thing often overlooked is the transfer from the bucket to the thing your painting. You probably have a plastic sheet down, but the brush is still dripping and wasting paint. The answer: stretch a rubber band across the open can and wipe the brush against it. This way it doesn’t drip on the floor or along the sides of the can.


Dust Pan Fountain

Buckets can be an issue to fill up in a sink. Unless you have a hose or one of those deep restaurant sinks, there’s a high probability it won’t fit. But with this DIY device you won’t have to worry anymore. Take a clean dust pant and stick it under the faucet. Then make sure the handle leads over the edge of the sink into whatever you want to fill. Turn on the faucet and presto!


Brand New Shower Head

To get that stubborn residue build-up off your shower head, tie a baggy of vinegar around the shower head. Leave it overnight and it’ll clean it off without your having to lift a finger…besides when you tied the bag up.


Hanging Garden of Cleaning Supplies

It’s a funny thing how messy the space where you keep cleaning products can get. Stuffed under the sink or thrown into a closet, it’s easy to misplace wood polish or the Windex. That’s why we urge you to utilize a hanging shoe rack. Throw it on a door, preferably a closet door, and each shoe holder becomes a spray bottle holster.


Did we change your life? We hope so because once we discovered these lifehacks (or as we call them, HouseHacks) we tried them all. Remember that knowledge is power and now you know the secrets of an easier way to clean your home.


Dr. Sam Sadati is the owner and practitioner of The Sadati Center of Aesthetic Dentistry in West Palm Beach and a leader in the world of cosmetic dentistry and smile design. He is the only accredited cosmetic dentist in all of South Florida and is one of only forty dentists in the world to receive an Accredited Fellow honor from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).  Apart from creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Sadati enjoys photography, travel, and the opportunity to tell a good joke.  If you have a question or comment, dental-related or otherwise, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. We always reply to our fans and followers!