6 Benefits of Straight Teeth

close up of a smile

Pearly whites in neat, even rows are everywhere in the movies, TV shows, and tabloids. Beautiful teeth are admired, but there’s more to having straight teeth than meets the eye. Of course, the cosmetic reasons for getting properly aligned teeth are pretty self-evident, but it turns out having straight teeth can actually affect your overall dental health in significant ways as well. See how straight teeth can make a difference in more than just appearance:


1. Lower risk for periodontal disease

When teeth are aligned properly, gums fit more securely around the tooth, allowing for the strongest defense against gum disease and other periodontal problems. When teeth are overlapped or misaligned, the chance for bacteria to enter the gums, causing tooth decay, is increased.

2. Easy to clean

It’s no secret that crooked and overlapping teeth trap food particles more easily than straight teeth. Misaligned teeth are not as easy to brush and floss and have the potential to miss the benefits of daily oral hygiene.

3. Decreased bad breath

With crooked or overlapped teeth, food bacteria builds up in the nooks and crannies of your mouth, running the risk of bad breath. Straight teeth make oral hygiene easier, decreasing the number of bacteria particles between teeth and in gums.

4. Clearer speech

For some with gaps in their teeth, everyday speech can be difficult. Oftentimes, a gap between the front teeth creates a lisp, making certain pronunciations of words sound different than intended. Closing gaps and realigning teeth can help improve lisps and other speech impediments.

5. Easier chewing

At times, a poorly positioned bite and misaligned teeth can cause issues with eating and chewing. When there are gaps and spaces between teeth or there is too much pressure on the jawbone due to a poor bite, bone and gum tissues can begin to erode. Correcting the bite and straightening teeth helps support bone and jaw joints, making eating more comfortable and enjoyable.

6. Confidence-booster

Beyond the better oral health provided by straight teeth, there are many psychological benefits. Correcting teeth alignment through braces can help alleviate self-image issues by way of a new and improved smile.

Not only do straighter teeth lead to much more improved oral health, they help bring about a new wave of self-confidence. Visit your cosmetic dentist today and discover your options for a straighter smile.