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Denim and Diamond, Jr.

Presented by:

The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry

April 15, 2005

International Polo Club

Dear friends, family and sponsors,

I would like to thank all of you for choosing to support the American Cancer Society through your contributions for the Denim and Diamonds, Jr. Gala. Your support is vital in our fight against cancer. You can make a difference. The funds we raise tonight will be used for continuing cancer research, public and medical education and patient services in our local community.

Cancer has touched so many lives, and for some of us personally and tragically. As we know, so far there is no cure for cancer, only treatment of varying effectiveness. I want to support tis cause for many reasons including the incidence of Oral Cancer that we see through our industry. Oral Cancer is rising at an alarming rate, It has become the 6th deadliest cancer taking the life of one person every hour. While I am personally committed to carefully screening each of my patients for signs of oral cancer, I also want to make a contribution to hastening the day when this cruel and disfiguring disease is completely eliminated. I believe the American Cancer Society plays a powerful role in helping this day come sooner and I sincerely appreciate the involvement of each person who is supporting this wonderful organization.

I would like to extend to each of you this evening a complimentary Oral Cancer screening at my center located here in Wellington. Please feel free at your convenience to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Once again, thank you for supporting this worthwhile cause.

Kind Regards,

Sam S. Sadati, DDS, FAGD

The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry