Andy Murray First Brit To Win Wimbledon in 77 Years

Even if you aren’t a tennis enthusiast like Dr. Sadati, you probably still heard about the excitement over the recent Wimbledon tournament.  And for good reason — for the first time in 77 years, a Brit has won the men’s championship at Wimbledon.

As a result of this milestone, the internet and Twitter-sphere is saturated with photos showcasing reactions of the proud British, who were even granted the Monday after the tournament off.  Now that’s a country that takes their tennis seriously when a sporting event turns into a national holiday.

Nobody could have known the Scottish tennis player Andy Murray would beat Serbian Novak Djokovic who is ranked number one in the world in three sets scoring 6-4, 7-5, 6-4.  Even afterwards, Djokovic remains number one in rankings though Murray certainly feels at the top of his game.  Who wouldn’t, with the 15,000 screaming fans energizing him — not to mention the rest of Great Britain watching on their television sets.


Andy Murray after winning Olympic gold last year.

Some might say Murray’s win isn’t all that shocking since almost exactly a year ago he beat Roger Federer during the London Olympics and won himself a gold medal.  Then during the U.S. Open last fall, Murray beat Djokovic in five sets.  Since his Olympic victory last year, his record has been 18-0.

But watching the final match last week, it could have gone either way.  The ceremony’s emcee described the match as ‘tortuous to watch’ as Murray was one point away from defeating Djokovic…when suddenly he lost the next point.  And then the next. And then the next. 

Finally when the fourth possible championship point came (10 minutes after the first) the tension was at an all-time high, all 15,000 spectators silent.  Then “Djokovic finally yielded, pushing a backhand into the net,” reported Sports Illustrated.  The curse was lifted.

The last time a Brit won Wimbledon was in 1936 when Fred Perry won the last of three matches in a row.  Murray said in an interview that the last of those three matches was the hardest he’d ever played in his career.  He went on to comment:

“I obviously wanted to try and win this for myself, but also I understand how much everyone else wanted to see a British winner at Wimbledon, so I hope you guys enjoyed it.”

And boy, did the Brits enjoy it.  Below we found via Buzzfeed a number of photos depicting just how hard Britain celebrated Murray’s win:

Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper celebrating at Wimbledon.

Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper celebrating at Wimbledon.


Can you believe someone dislocated their shoulder in reaction to Murray’s victory?

The competition doesn’t end here.  Murray, Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal (provided his knee problems let up) will gear up for an intense set of hardcourt competitions in North America.  Rafael Nadal left the first round of Wimbledon after his knee began irritating him.  As far as Roger Federer, we’ll have to see if his career continues to slow down — or picks back up again.


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