Are Dental Implants Right For Your Cosmetic Dentistry?

Graphic of a dental implant and crown

Believe it or not, the practice of using dental implants has gone back for millennia and has included the implantation of everything from artificial metal teeth, animal teeth, human teeth, and even seashell as ways to restore the missing teeth. While technology has come a long way, dental implants are still considered the best solution for patients who are looking to rebuild their smile and experience chewing and speaking in a natural fashion.

What Are Modern Implants Like?
With all this historical information about implants, it’s not surprising that you may be wondering exactly what the modern world has come up with for replacing missing teeth. Dental Implants start with the implantation of titanium mounts in your jawline, a procedure that requires a few months of recovery time to let them heal properly. At this point, a crown, bridge, full, or partial denture is mounted on these mounting points creating a smile with a natural appearance that is perfectly capable of doing everything your natural teeth could do.

I Have Medical Complications, Are Implants Appropriate For Me?
If you have conditions that identify you as medically compromised, then getting dental implants comes with some additional risks. In these patients, the implants may not survive as well, and it’s possible that peri-implant health and the complications associated with it could be a more significant concern. All that aside implants are still appropriate for most medically compromised patients, as the benefits on systemic health that comes with implants outweigh the potential risks. It’s important to discuss your desire to get dental implants with both your physician and your dentist to determine if your medical condition will affect your ability to get implants.

Is There Anything To Know before Getting Them?
The most important thing to know is that just as our natural teeth, implants need good professional and personal hygiene care to be maintained healthy and functional. While these teeth are durable and perfect for eating most foods, it’s important not to try to crack nutshells with them or eat exceptionally hard food (no crunching on hard candy, be patient!) as they can potentially break. Other than that dental implants will serve you as faithfully and completely as your natural teeth.

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