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If you want to be inspired, if you want to be wowed, and if you want to feel a tremendous swell of energy then you’ve come to the right place. Photography has always been one of Dr. Sadati’s passions and the search for inspiration one his everyday goals. One recent event that has combined both is Red Bull’s Illume photography contest.

This competition was last held three years ago, replete with awe-inspiring pictures and stunning visuals. Right now, this year’s Illume finalists are being narrowed down for the final ten winners. That won’t happen for another week so we went ahead to selected our Top 10 incredible photos from this event.

Taken while base jumping on the Greek island of Zakynthos, it makes one wonder…how do they have enough time for their chutes to open? Photographer: Dimitrios Kontizas

Katerina Hamsikova free dives under a massive block of ice, the alien green color coming from the Northern Lights above. Photographer: George Karbus

Hugo Pinheiro soars above the supertubo, the Portuguese equivalent of surf pipeline. Photographer: Miguel Nunes,

Just one of many sequence photos in the finals, this one of John Jackson is by far the most incredible. Photographer: Scott Serfas

Sure surfer Manu Bouvet is ripping on a wave in French Polynesia, but have you ever seen ocean water this clear? Photographer: Ben Thouard

No that’s not the color of the water in Manitowish Waters, WI. That’s a massive cranberry bog. See the video here. Photographer: Ryan Taylor

Located on the edge of the Serra de Montsant, Margalef has quickly become one of the most popular climbing spots in the world. Photographer: Bernardo Gimenez

So earlier I said the snowboarding sequence was the most incredible. Might have to take that back. Photographer: Zakary Noyle

Tamokdalen, where this was shot, was until recently an unknown spot except for a few Finnish skiers and snowboarders. Photographer: Rami Hanafi

It’s not always about action. This photo capture the infinite wonder of the deep blue despite the photo being taken in the Red Sea. Photographer: Rafal Meszka


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