Beauty Trend of the Moment: Facial Yoga

man in a yoga pose

How do celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston stay so young looking and still avoid plastic surgery?  According to MailOnline, the answer is facial yoga, the latest beauty fad.

Facial yoga involves pulling the face into ‘poses’ or ‘positions’ similar to the way the body does for traditional yoga.  There are 18 facial positions total and they can be practiced in one sitting, says face yoga practitioner Danielle Collins.

Fans of this latest beauty obsession claim facial yoga fights anti-aging better than Botox.  It can “smooth wrinkles, firm jawlines, and create a healthy glow, as well as easing eye strain and headaches.”  Not only that, but facial yoga allows woman to avoid the risks associated with Botox and fillers.

Collins says the 18 exercises only require 20 minutes at a time, and need to be practiced six times per week.  That will ensure results in just seven days, she says, believe it or not.  The 18 poses can be broken up throughout the day, depending on the difficulty required.  For example, some poses like the ‘tongue twister’ can be done in the car while others may require a mirror and more stability.

The moves can be self-taught, or for £65 per hour Collins will coach  you through the 20-minute exercise program that aficionados say will ‘knock up to five years off your face.”  The theory behind facial yoga is that these movements tighten and tone the face, stimulating the production of collagen.  ‘Face yoga will give you the perkiness you might associate with cosmetic procedures, but it won’t stop you looking like you,’ another practitioner said.

Skeptics of facial yoga say it isn’t as effective as regular yoga, which requires a breathing element and a ‘sense of presence.’  Let’s check out some of these facial ‘poses’ courtesy of and then decide for ourselves, hmm?

Free Your Tongue

Lion Face Part 1



 Lion Face Part II


Smiling Fish Face

Temple Dancer Eyes

So what do you think?  Would you try facial yoga, or is it a gimmick?

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