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How Inlays and Onlays Work

If you have teeth that have been damaged by decay, you are probably familiar with the traditional filling method. With this method, a dentist drills out the decay and then fills the remaining cavity with a moldable substance. In a single office appointment, this substance is molded into place and your tooth is restored. However,

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What Cosmetic Dentistry Fixes

Did you know that your smile can change your entire appearance? Yes, it’s true that changing a small thing such as your smile can drastically change your entire appearance. Improving your smile can brighten your appearance, alter your facial contour, and even make you appear younger. Nowadays, enhancing one’s smile through cosmetic dentistry is a

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Graphic of before and after gum lift

What is a Gum Lift

Did you know that sometimes your gums can stand in the way of you having the perfect smile? The way your gums connect to your teeth can affect the way your teeth look in terms of size and shape. If your gums sit too low on your teeth, they can make your teeth appear to

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Why You Should Consider Dental Bonding

Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry has a variety of different treatments aimed at improving the aesthetics of your smile. Dental bonding is one such treatment. Dental bonding, also commonly referred to as cosmetic bonding, works by applying an enamel-like material to the surface of your teeth to correct discolorations or structural issues such as chips, fillings, or

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Close up of mouth before and after Veneers

Why You Should Get Veneers

If you are looking for a way to improve your smile, porcelain veneers may be the cosmetic dental option for you. Porcelain veneers can improve your teeth’s color, shape, and alignment to eliminate stains, promote a more even appearance, and correct minor structural issues. Many people choose porcelain veneers to improve their smile because of

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What’s Involved In Getting A Dental Cleaning

If you’re getting ready to visit your dentist for the first time, or it’s merely been so long that you’ve forgotten what a dental check-up is all about, then you may be wondering exactly what is involved in dental cleaning. Some people will talk about the tooth cleaning process like it’s a form of slow

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Graphic of a dental implant and crown

Are Dental Implants Right For Your Cosmetic Dentistry?

Believe it or not, the practice of using dental implants has gone back for millennia and has included the implantation of everything from artificial metal teeth, animal teeth, human teeth, and even seashell as ways to restore the missing teeth. While technology has come a long way, dental implants are still considered the best solution

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How Smiling Affects Your Health

It’s not uncommon to hear people comment how much better we all look with a bright smile on our face, but there’s not a lot of talk about a much more critical factor.  Smiling has essential positive effects on your health, both mentally and physically, something that people who are shy about smiling due to

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Do You Have Sinus Pressure or a Toothache?

We’ve all felt the alarming sensation of oral pain that we’re certain is tied to an aching tooth, but did you know that sometimes that sensation isn’t related to a tooth at all? Recent research and lifelong experience have revealed that sometimes tooth pain is actually related to blocked sinuses! If you take excellent care

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Teeth Sensitivity to Whitening

Teeth whitening is a relatively simple dental procedure that yields a whiter, brighter smile. However, one common side effect that can occur after a professional teeth whitening procedure is teeth sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity means that your teeth will suddenly experience pain when exposed to either hot or cold stimulants. Generally speaking, this discomfort is usually

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Graphic of a normal tooth and one with Periodontitis, a gum disease

Gum Disease and the Consequences

Did you know that over fifty percent of Americans will be diagnosed with some form of gum disease after they turn thirty? Gum disease is highly common in adults, although many adults do not even realize that they are affected since gum disease does not always have obvious symptoms. However, leaving gum disease untreated can

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Close up of man smiling with a missing tooth

Am I a Candidate For Dental Implants?

What Are Dental Implants? Dental implants are the modern answer to addressing the issue of missing teeth. While dentures and bridges are also available to address this issue, dental implants represent the optimal solution for tooth loss. Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants provide a strong foundation for natural-looking replacement teeth. If you have suffered

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The Anatomy of Your Teeth

Although they look like simple pieces of bone, your teeth actually have an interesting system just under their surface. Understanding the various parts and functions of your teeth allows you to take better care of them and avoid things like cavities, gum disease, and damage. When you smile, the visible, outer-portion of the tooth you

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Mirror mouth and curette being used

Treatment of Periodontal Disease

It might be a surprise to you, but your gums are just as important to your oral health as your teeth. In fact, periodontal disease, is one of the most common preventable diseases we see in patients. Your gums help to secure teeth in their sockets. The less healthy your gums are, the looser your

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woman smiling while holding a clay of dental implant

Types of Dental Implants

Why Dental Implants? Missing teeth are no laughing matter. In fact, people who have missing teeth or embarrassing smiles tend to report lower self-esteem and a lack of confidence. In addition to the emotional consequences of missing teeth, tooth loss is also associated with shifting teeth, difficulty eating, and speech problems. In the past dentists

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graphic of a dental implant

What’s a dental implant?

Time after time we have patients coming into the office seeking a more permanent solution to tooth loss. More often than not they have tried dentures or other removable prosthetics and are unhappy with their results. Removable prosthetics are frustrating because they need to be removed to be cleaned, often get food underneath them, and

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Full Mouth Rehab with Dr. Sam Sadati

Sometimes, after years of dental procedures and seeing different practitioners using the newest and most up to date procedures of their time, our mouths can end up looking like a hodgepodge of patch fixes.  When this has become a truth for us, it’s time to consider having full mouth rehabilitation done.  Full mouth rehabilitation includes

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Male Dentist showing female dentist a tooth

Single Or Multiple Implants

There is little as disheartening as a gap in your smile, a place where an otherwise perfect set of teeth is marred by a glaring hole. More important than just detracting from your visual appearance, missing teeth can also create difficulty in speaking or eating properly.  There was a time that the only solution to

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Everything There is to Know About Dental Implants

Why Dental Implants? Tooth loss is embarrassing for many reasons. And while aesthetics play a large role in why people opt to mitigate any tooth loss they’ve experienced, regaining full function of the mouth is another reason. Oftentimes, however, removable prosthetics like dentures can impact the way a person speaks and even how they eat

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Oral hygiene, Home Care, and Professional Care

Maintaining good oral health is an important part of maintaining good overall health. In fact, many systemic illnesses, like diabetes and heart disease, are linked to poor oral hygiene and made worse by poor oral hygiene. The good news is that keeping your mouth healthy is easier than ever thanks to at home care and

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Periodontal Disease Can Affect Your Overall Health

Eating right and exercising are basic tenants of good health. After all, watching your waistline does more than just make you look trim and fit – it plays an important part in your overall physical health and self-esteem. But did you know that in addition to eating right and exercising your oral health plays a

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How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

Understanding how to choose a cosmetic dentist is the most important part of beginning your adventure to a better smile. Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening, veneers, laminates, or some other procedure, knowing how to find the right dentist will ensure you get great care and the procedure can yield the best results for you.

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Maintenance with the Hygienist

Regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist, Dr. Sam S. Sadati, are an important part of keeping your teeth and whole mouth healthy. An additional aspect of keeping your smile radiant is to ensure you keep your appointments with the hygienist at the Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, in Wellington, FL. Maintenance with the hygienist is

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Oral Home Care

What is Oral Home Care? People who visited the dentist regularly as children probably have vivid memories of receiving instructions from their dentist instructing them how to properly brush and floss. This is called oral home care. Oral home care is the kind of care that people perform on their teeth, tongue, and gums at

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Therapeutic, Natural, and Cosmetic Mouth Rinses

A mouth rinse (also known as a mouthwash or an oral rinse) is more important than you might think. You might have a mouthwash at home – an over-the-counter liquid rinse that you sometimes swish around your mouth, tongue, gums, and teeth – most probably to mask bad breath. There are other types of oral

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Why Electronic Toothbrushes are Ideal

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is one of the most important things you can do for your health. There are two different types of toothbrushes you can use, a manual toothbrush and an electric toothbrush. Both toothbrushes should be replaced every six months. However, with electric toothbrushes, you only have to replace the head.

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Tips to Combat Gum Disease

While much of the attention in the dentistry world is focused on cavities, many people neglect the importance of gum disease. Gum disease develops when bacteria either from food or normal oral flora begin to grow on top of the gums. These bacteria often feed on crumbs left over in the mouth from prior meals.

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What Makes Dental Implants Extraordinary?

Dreamy Smiles Are Included If a natural looking smile has seemed out of reach, dental implants may very well be the solution. Whether it was injury, illness or advanced tooth decay that caused the loss of one or more teeth, it is a stressful situation. Many people stop smiling in public because they are uncomfortable

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The Reason for Smiles in Cosmetic Dentistry

A dazzling smile is a sure indicator of youthfulness and health. Cosmetic dentistry services provided by Dr. Sam S. Sadati and the dental team at The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in Wellington, Florida could help in forming a smile that makes one feel more beautiful and confident. Cosmetic dentistry covers a big range of

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