Dental Implants

woman smiling while holding a clay of dental implant

Types of Dental Implants

Why Dental Implants? Missing teeth are no laughing matter. In fact, people who have missing teeth or embarrassing smiles tend to report lower self-esteem and a lack of confidence. In addition to the emotional consequences of missing teeth, tooth loss is also associated with shifting teeth, difficulty eating, and speech problems. In the past dentists

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graphic of a dental implant

What’s a dental implant?

Time after time we have patients coming into the office seeking a more permanent solution to tooth loss. More often than not they have tried dentures or other removable prosthetics and are unhappy with their results. Removable prosthetics are frustrating because they need to be removed to be cleaned, often get food underneath them, and

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graphic of dental implant

Everything There is to Know About Dental Implants

Why Dental Implants? Tooth loss is embarrassing for many reasons. And while aesthetics play a large role in why people opt to mitigate any tooth loss they’ve experienced, regaining full function of the mouth is another reason. Oftentimes, however, removable prosthetics like dentures can impact the way a person speaks and even how they eat

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man and woman smiling

What Makes Dental Implants Extraordinary?

Dreamy Smiles Are Included If a natural looking smile has seemed out of reach, dental implants may very well be the solution. Whether it was injury, illness or advanced tooth decay that caused the loss of one or more teeth, it is a stressful situation. Many people stop smiling in public because they are uncomfortable

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