dentist tools besides a yellow toothbrush

What Are Those Things In The Dentist’s Office?

When we head off to the dentist’s office, we likely aren’t thinking about the tools they’ll use during the visit. Once we arrive and are sitting patiently in the dentist’s chair waiting for them to work on us, we may start to become curious and even a little anxious about that table of strange devices

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male dentist and female patient smiling

How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

Understanding how to choose a cosmetic dentist is the most important part of beginning your adventure to a better smile. Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening, veneers, laminates, or some other procedure, knowing how to find the right dentist will ensure you get great care and the procedure can yield the best results for you.

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ceramic people sitting

Younger or Skinnier?

Would you rather lose weight or lose an imperfect smile? In a society as superficial as our own, this definitely seems like a tough choice. Both have their advantages and their limitations. Yet both can significantly impact how others view you. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry decided to conduct research to address this decision.

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woman smiling

Veneers vs. Crowns: Which Are Best For Me?

When you smile, no one should suspect that you have had dental work done. Whether you have porcelain crowns or veneers, what people should comment on is your new stunning smile. Though they may notice something about you is different, your renewed self-confidence will be what shines the most. Dealing with a smile you hate

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man with metal mouth

Unregistered Dentist Created the Teeth for Jaws

In1973, Luis Fairman launched his dental technology career. At first, Fairman was just another professional in the dental field. That all changed a few years later when his company—Bodmin Dental Lab—won the contract to provide a key prop for the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. If you haven’t seen the movie, you may

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woman smiling

UK Women Want To Dazzle Like The Duchess

Women want Kate’s smile. Why? Because it’s natural. The Duchess of Cambridge has been all over the news lately.  First it was the engagement, then the royal wedding, the pregnancy, and now the royal baby. Why is the world — namely the Brits — so obsessed with the common born-turned princess? The answer unanimously (aside

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male and female dentist around a female patient

The Top 10 Oral Health Warning Signs

It’s hard to eat well and enjoy good food and drinks if you don’t have healthy teeth and gums. It’s important to see your dentist at least twice a year for regular cleanings and checkups. When caring for your teeth and gums at home, paying attention to irregularities can help you catch underlying issues before

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cartoon of teeth being brushed

The reasons why you SHOULD get an electric toothbrush.

Proper brushing is one of the most important things you can do to help care for your teeth. It’s possible to do a good job with a manual toothbrush, but when it comes to toothbrush recommendations, dentists will often suggest an electric brush. An electric toothbrush offers the following advantages over a manual one: More

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close up of human teeth

Our Teeth Whitening Reviews

White teeth are an essential part of a person’s image. Aesthetically they’re pleasing. They also convey healthiness and the fact that you maintain yourself. The problem is the cost. Professional whitening treatment can cost upwards of $300. So the natural move is to DIY—do it yourself. Before you travel down this path, however, you should at

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close up of women exfoliating her face

Teeth Whitening Diamond

Are those Crest White Stripes not getting the job done? Or that Rembrandt Deeply White 2 Hour Whitening Kit just not getting your teeth white enough? If you’re blaming your teeth, it’s not their fault. Maybe you haven’t tried hard enough. Maybe you’re missing an incredible whitening treatment. Have you checked them all out? Because if

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suitcase of veener and denture teeth

Street Dentists on the Rise

Healthcare is all over the news these days it seems. Doctors are nervous about Obamacare’s long term implications. Many Americans are worried about the quality of care. Many other Americans though welcome the new Affordable Care Act. Our country, however, is far from alone when it comes to healthcare problems. Looking beyond our borders to distant

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5 men running on a track

Runners Teeth: Athletes and Dental Problems

Endurance sports call for people in top shape. They eat right, the train right, they rock spandex still even though it’s 2014. Runners and other endurance athletes keep a close eye on their bodies and their health. Yet for so much focus on the human body, it seems that runners and other endurance athletes leave

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Woman holding a glass of red wine

Is Red Wine Good for Teeth??

Bacteria are worthy opponents in the game of life. We discovered antibiotics in 1928 thanks to Dr. Fleming discovering fungus had killed the bacteria in his petri dishes. This was a momentous discovery that precipitated a new age of medical science. Along with vaccination, the discovery of antibiotics has led to the eradication of hitherto

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woman in dentist chair covering her mouth in fear

Oral Health Care & Psychology Related?

New evidence points to a cause-and-effect relationship between oral health care and mental well-being. People are sensitive to their oral health issues, even if it’s just crooked or yellowing teeth. In this way, oral health can affect one’s psychological well-being and vice versa; psychological problems are often focused on one’s well-being, which can include oral

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dentist viewing stem cells through a microscope

Is it possible to grow new teeth?

The rapid evolution of modern science has led to some of the greatest medical advancements in history. One particular study of interest revolves around the discovery of stem cells in both baby teeth and wisdom teeth. These cells represent a huge leap in everyday dental care. They have the ability to aid in the rejuvenation

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male and female dentist performing dental cosmetic surgery

How to Prepare for Your Dental Crown Procedure

When a cracked, chipped, or missing tooth does more than hold back your ability to show off your pearly whites, you may make the decision to do something about it. While there are many options for a smile makeover, dental crowns offer a unique solution to fix the smile that’s been troubling you for years.

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water floss demonstration

Have You Heard of Water Flossing?

The concept of ‘water flossing’ has been around for a couple of years.  But only recently have studies proven that patients who use a water flosser have better results with plaque removal than those who use string floss. String floss has been around for 200 years.  But as often as oral healthcare providers harangue patients

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woman smiling

Getting that Natural Smile

We’re all about aesthetic dentistry and at the very core of this dental art—the very principle that everything is founded upon—is creating a beautiful smile. Now that’s the goal of our mission, but there’s an objective on top of that one, one that’s addressed here: how to show off that beauty with a natural smile.

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Petri dishes in use

Forget Dentures, Grow Your Teeth!

Can you imagine a world where we can lose our adult teeth in old age, and be able to grow back a new set?  I couldn’t, until a new study was printed in the Journal of Dental Research.  What it suggests is close to a miracle; in the future, ‘seeds‘ could be planted in the

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cartoon of a wisdom tooth growing in the wrong way

The End of Wisdom Teeth?

People often see wisdom teeth as the bane of their young lives. Wisdom teeth (or third molars) appear between the ages of 17 and 25. In general, people have four of these molars though many have fewer, and in fact, a good amount of individuals do not have any wisdom teeth. While the majority of

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close up of a smile

Dr. Sadati is Nationally Ranked!

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Sam Sadati is a nationally-ranked dentist on Rankipedia!  For those unfamiliar with the search engine, Rankipedia nationally ranks and compares professionals ranging from plastic surgeons to attorneys “based on proper facts and honest criteria, stripped of any marketing influence so that you can make quick and informed decisions.” On

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close up of woman biting into a garlic clove

How to Destroy Garlic Breath

Garlic is a double edged sword. In one instant, garlic is the savior of boring food. For centuries, humans had to eat bland food or food that required other processes to preserve it, e.g. salting, curing, pickling, etc. Garlic, therefore, served a integral purpose in making food more palatable. Garlic, however, also has a negative

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middle age couple smiling

Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Dealing with an imperfect smile is something no one should have to go through. Missing teeth can not only cause issues in everyday speech and the enjoyment of favorite foods, but they can also have a negative impact on a person’s self-esteem. Luckily, there are options out there for tooth replacement that can improve a

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teeth before and after dental treatment

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Life

There’s an old saying, “First impressions are lasting impressions.” However, putting your best foot forward when you don’t love the way you look can be difficult. If you find that you are frequently trying to hide your smile or feel nervous talking to others due to a chip or stain on your tooth, it might

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Theodant chocolate toothpaste next to toothbrush on counter

Chocolate Toothpaste is Here!

Chocolate is a truly beautiful thing, one of the greatest yet simplest pleasures of the human existence. If you don’t agree with this then I suggest, as a doctor, that you get your head examined. Chocolate does have its price, however, and it costs your teeth. That chocolaty goodness is packed with sugar, which bacteria on

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man and woman brushing teeth

Brushing Right After Eating…Bad?

A recent study in dental health has turned up something very surprising. Something that flies in the face of years of oral health recommendations and lessons. What is this groundbreaking new development? Brushing right after eating could be bad for your teeth…Earth shattering, no? While a total consensus has not been reached, many of the

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