Gold coins in a chest

Sunken Treasure

Discovering treasure is one of the greatest human dreams. It has fueled gold rushes, the settlement of colonies, and the founding of states (i.e. California). To this day the idea of unearthing a glittering treasure trove captures our imaginations. This is precisely what happened to the Schmitt family of Sanford, Florida. They are a true

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woman on the phone smiling with two co-workers in the background

Move Over Hotel Room Key

Now here’s an innovative, useful and convenient development for smartphones: an app that allows you to check in at hotels AND works as a room key. Unlike the official Kim Kardashian app, the “I am Rich” app (which costs $200 and is just an image of a glowing crystal), or the “Hold On” app (where you’re

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cartoon of a wisdom tooth growing in the wrong way

The End of Wisdom Teeth?

People often see wisdom teeth as the bane of their young lives. Wisdom teeth (or third molars) appear between the ages of 17 and 25. In general, people have four of these molars though many have fewer, and in fact, a good amount of individuals do not have any wisdom teeth. While the majority of

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man standing in front of clocks from different time zones

Conquering Jet Lag

It’s truly amazing how much of our behavior is beyond our control. How much of it is dictated by pure chemistry in our bodies. Equally amazing is that the fact that we can find the chemicals responsible for these bodily actions. Recently, scientists at Kobe University have identified a hormone that stops the body from

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Picture of a hurricane from the sky

After Sandy, Are You Hurricane-Ready?

Satellite image of Hurricane Sandy harassing the east coast. Live in a hurricane danger zone?   This coming hurricane season, you might want to prepare more than ever before.  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook, the number of predicted tropical storms this year is well above average. Specifically, the NOAA

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