A female patient laying down and getting her teeth checked

What is an Intraoral Camera?

Dental technology has rapidly advanced, leading to the introduction of various new products, all intricately designed to suit patients in need and help the dentist better diagnose dental problems earlier on. As the improvement of dental technology increases, so does the standard of dental care. One piece of equipment that is now becoming standard for

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graphic of ipad

Why You Should Enter Our Summer iPad Giveaway Contest

We blogged about how we’re giving away an iPad a few weeks ago.  Many people think a tablet is something they don’t need, and thus will never use.  That’s a valid concern.  Why would anyone need a tablet, especially if you already have a laptop?  Let’s talk about this. These days, almost everyone needs a computer

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cartoon of teeth being brushed

The reasons why you SHOULD get an electric toothbrush.

Proper brushing is one of the most important things you can do to help care for your teeth. It’s possible to do a good job with a manual toothbrush, but when it comes to toothbrush recommendations, dentists will often suggest an electric brush. An electric toothbrush offers the following advantages over a manual one: More

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Google Logo

The Flaws of Google Glass

The many features of Google Glass. As tech gurus get hyped up for the 2014 release of Google Glass, they should be wary of the risks involved with wearing the tiny super computer. For those who haven’t heard, Google Glass is a miniature internet-connected computer worn on the face like glasses.  With Google Glass, one

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woman on the phone smiling with two co-workers in the background

Move Over Hotel Room Key

Now here’s an innovative, useful and convenient development for smartphones: an app that allows you to check in at hotels AND works as a room key. Unlike the official Kim Kardashian app, the “I am Rich” app (which costs $200 and is just an image of a glowing crystal), or the “Hold On” app (where you’re

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woman with her head in her hands at the airport

High-Tech Smart Bags To Eliminate Lost Luggage

Technology truly is amazing.  Not only do smartphones have the ability to ‘find themselves’ if lost, but soon travelers may be equipped with ‘smart bags’ with the same capability. According to MailOnline, 3 billion dollars are wasted by the aviation industry every year on lost luggage with an average of 4 pieces of luggage getting

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