Chocolate Toothpaste is Here!

Theodant chocolate toothpaste next to toothbrush on counter

Chocolate is a truly beautiful thing, one of the greatest yet simplest pleasures of the human existence. If you don’t agree with this then I suggest, as a doctor, that you get your head examined. Chocolate does have its price, however, and it costs your teeth. That chocolaty goodness is packed with sugar, which bacteria on your teeth then use for energy, creating lactic acid in the process. As most of you know, acid is corrosive and the enamel on your teeth is not immune. This is how cavities come about. A major breakthrough has occurred, however, in the field of “chocolate and your teeth.” A company has developed…chocolate toothpaste!

Chocolate Toothpaste

Actually, it’s not really chocolate toothpaste. If you imagined spreading Hershey’s syrup on a brush then you’ve thought wrong. Theodent—a luxury dental care firm—has just come out with a line of toothpastes that contain a patented substance derived from the cacao plant, as reported by Food Beast. The way it works is that instead of fluoride, Theodent—according to their website—”harnesses the power of patented, Rennou™, a non-toxic proprietary blend of a naturally-occurring extract found in chocolate blended with other minerals that help to strengthen the enamel surface of human teeth.”


So while it may not be like you’re brushing with NesQuik in your mouth, Theodent does have a slight chocolaty taste. The only problem is the toothpaste is extremely hard to come by at the moment. Due to limited supply and consumer popularity, the flagship product—Theodent Classic—is sold out. That only costs $9.99, but the toothpastes from Theodent that are available all cost over $100!

  • Theodent 300, which is their extra strength paste, $99.99
  • Theodent Product bundle, $104.99
  • Theodent Family Pack, $109.99

In spite of these prices, if you’ve got the money to spare, we think it’d be worth it. How often in your life does something like this happen. Chocolate toothpaste! No longer do you have to have a flavor spliced with mint. We’ve entered into a brave new world in which your teeth can be brushed with cocoa.


Dr. Sam Sadati is the owner and practitioner of The Sadati Center of Aesthetic Dentistry in West Palm Beach and a leader in the world of cosmetic dentistry and smile design. He is the only accredited cosmetic dentist in all of South Florida and is one of only forty dentists in the world to receive an Accredited Fellow honor from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Apart from creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Sadati enjoys photography, travel, and the opportunity to tell a good joke.  If you have a question or comment, dental-related or otherwise, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. We always reply to our fans and followers!