Beautiful Smile Guarantee

Woman in hat smiling

When you have a new smile created by master artist and accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Sam Sadati of West Palm Beach, he guarantees that you will love it.

How Does the Smile Guarantee Work?

Here’s how the guarantee works. We start designing your smile with an interview where we discuss your image aspirations and what you want your teeth to look like. Dr. Sadati translates this conversation into a wax model of your smile, to be sure that he understands everything you’re asking for. When you’re happy with the wax model, your teeth are prepared, and your case is sent to a master ceramist for creation. While your case is at the laboratory, you will wear a set of prototype veneers or crowns to give you a chance to “test drive” your new smile design.

When your case comes back from the ceramist, Dr. Sadati will try it in and you will be able to examine it thoroughly. You can look at it from every angle. You can have a friend, partner, or spouse come in to look at it to give you feedback. He will show you the smile under various lighting conditions, including outdoor light. If, after examining it thoroughly, you have any reservations about it, it will be sent back to the ceramist for modification or a complete re-do. It won’t be bonded onto your teeth until you love it.

Now ordinarily, with your new smile, we usually find that it a case of love at first sight and you can’t wait to have it bonded on. But Dr. Sadati will encourage you to be critical, so that you are sure. His philosophy is that when you hire him to create a new smile, he is essentially treating your self-image. If you have any reservations about how it looks then treatment is a failure. The purpose of the smile makeover is to make you proud of your teeth and eager to smile.

The photograph above on the right is of a case done by Dr. Sadati, as are all the smiles displayed on this website. Every smile is different and customized to your facial characteristics and personality. Some are made with squarish teeth. Some are rounded. Some are a brilliant, glowing white. Others are subdued in color. Some are straight and serious. Others are playful. But every one is stunning and carefully crafted to meet your highest expectations.