Have You Heard of Water Flossing?

water floss demonstration

The concept of ‘water flossing’ has been around for a couple of years.  But only recently have studies proven that patients who use a water flosser have better results with plaque removal than those who use string floss.

String floss has been around for 200 years.  But as often as oral healthcare providers harangue patients about the necessity of flossing, around two-thirds of the public ignore floss entirely during their before-bed routine.  But now there’s good news for people who hate to floss — an alternative, it it’s just as good if not more effective than string floss.

The Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser at work!

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal stated that when used in conjunction with a toothbrush, Waterpik Water Flosser was 29% more effective in removing plaque than string floss, according to new results published in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry.  One Chicago-based hygienist Patricia Rampa vouches for the Water Floss:

“This study provides further clinical evidence that water flossing is a more effective alternative to traditional dental floss, which backs up what I see in my practice every day.  For my patients who use the Water Flosser, I see better plaque removal, less gingival bleeding, and overall healthier gum tissue. This study is great news for people who don’t like to floss–they don’t have to feel guilty about tossing the string floss that’s been collecting dust in their medicine cabinet for years. They really have a great alternative.”

When the two test groups were compared, the Waterpik Waterfloss (when used along with a toothbrush) was also found to be 33% more efficient at cleaning along the gum line than string floss.  The Water Flosser is capable of cleaning plaque overall but especially in between the teeth, the danger zones when plaque is left there too long.

How to set up a water flossing device.

According to dentaleconomics.com, the Waterpik Water Flosser when used with manual brushing also proved  “two times more effective at reducing gingival bleeding than floss,” a concern for many patients who have an aversion to using string floss.  For more information about the Waterpik Water Flossers, check this link for the available models.

What do you guys think — would you invest in a water flosser, or do you not mind flossing?  Once you fall into the habit of flossing it’s hard to stop, though if you aren’t in the habit you might want to check out one of Waterpik’s!

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