Headache? Try Yoga

woman doing a yoga pose by the lake

It’s winter time. That means getting sick, the common cold. It means fevers, sore throats, and if you’re truly (un)blessed, the flu. And, of course, there’s the headache, one of the most common, seemingly ubiquitous symptoms of being sick. Sure you can run to the medicine cabinet and dish out some Tylenol, Advil, or if you’re really clever, generic ibuprofen (it’s a little cheaper). But don’t you sometimes wish there were a more natural way? Plus, you never know if someday experiments on Advil will reveal that long term use leads to liver failure or growing another limb.

Yoga to the Rescue

Turns out, there may be a very natural remedy, one that doesn’t call for herbs or mortar and pestle. Instead, grab your yoga mat (or whatever you’d like to use). There are countless reasons for a headache, but the most common ones are tension in the neck, tight shoulders, or back pain. These prescribed yoga positions are intended to make quick work of our headache.

Quarter Dog


The Quarter Dog (similar to the pictured Downward Facing Dog) helps with headaches in an interesting way. By resting on your forearms, you take pressure off the wrists and hands, which allows you to keep this position for longer. Then take deep breaths and let your head hang between your shoulders. This allows blood to circulate to your head. This can often be the perfect remedy for your headache.

Tipover Tuck


This and it’s close relative, the Grounded Tipover Tuck, are both excellent for headaches caused by tight shoulders. Like the Quarter Dog, this allows for greater blood circulation. Lower your hands as much as needed in order to feel a stretch in the chest, shoulders and the back of the neck. Hold this position for five or more breaths to really feel its effects.

Seated Heart Opener


The Seated Heart Opener is a great pose to follow the Tipover Tuck. Where the Tipover Tuck stretches the back of the neck, this pose hones in on the front of the neck and chest. It helps alleviate tension in your back, which is just one of the many causes for headaches. It’s a simple, but effective position. Just sit on your heels, plant your hands behind your feet about (around 10 inches) and arch your head back. Added bonus: this position also helps with digestion!


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