Introducing…The Allergy Veil

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Are you an allergy sufferer like this woman? You might want to read this!

Got bad allergies?  What if instead of using nasal sprays and taking pills you could use a veil that prevents pollen from sticking to your nose and eyes?  I don’t mean a wedding veil or other mesh material hanging from your face—I mean a spray-on veil.

It’s called Fukamilla Allershut Pollen Face Spray and it’s new in Japan.  When sprayed on the face, this product creates an invisible shield around the face to block out pollen and prevent hay fever.  Instead of ingesting pills, the spray-on veil targets the source—pollen—from causing problems like itchy eyes, sneezing and more.

This is NOT the type of veil in this product.

The spray works by preventing pollen from penetrating into the eye and nose using an ion polymer.  The polymer works to “create a positive electrostatic field that repels allergy-causing particles like house dust and pollen from the eyes and nose,” from Datamonitor Consumer’s website.

But the spray-on shield does even more than block out pollen.  It contains chemicals that enhance skin health including titanium oxide (an ingredient in sunscreen) and hyaluronic acid (an exfoliating agent).  One bottle of Allershut contains 160 sprays, and it can be applied over makeup.

The pollen-blocking spray packaging in Japan.

Datamonitor Consumer’s innovation insights director Tom Vierhile said in a statement:

“Spring allergies are traditionally a major issue in Japan, and this is a novel way to help manage allergies without resorting to medications and possible side effects like drowsiness that can accompany their usage.” He adds that: “the growing popularity of sun care sprays also helps to set the stage for sprayable skincare products, like this one.”

Though it isn’t available in the U.S., allergy sufferers may be very interested in keeping an eye out for it.  That is, if it becomes FDA approved.

How do you feel about spray-on medication over taking a pill?  Would you buy this product, allergy victims?

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