Oral hygiene, Home Care, and Professional Care

man brushing his teeth

Maintaining good oral health is an important part of maintaining good overall health. In fact, many systemic illnesses, like diabetes and heart disease, are linked to poor oral hygiene and made worse by poor oral hygiene.

The good news is that keeping your mouth healthy is easier than ever thanks to at home care and professional care. In fact, advances in oral care have made it possible for patients to give themselves a head start in keeping their mouth healthy, and have empowered doctors to provide any extra level of care needed.

Home Oral Care

Home oral care is made up of several preventative measures that make a difference in how healthy your teeth are. The first and most important part is nutrition. Make sure you’re getting all of the right nutrients. Additionally, avoid processed foods and carbohydrates, which lead to decay. Water is the best thing you can drink, however, if you choose to drink soda make sure you rinse with water immediately after you finish your drink.

Once you have good nutrition down, it’s time to focus on your oral hygiene routine. Make it a point to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. There’s some evidence that suggests not rinsing after you brush is effective, however, you choose to do what you’re most comfortable with. In addition to brushing your teeth, you’ll want to brush your tongue. Get as far back as you can. You’ll be surprised at the amount of plaque and bacteria that live on your tongue. Regularly brushing it will help keep bad breath at bay.

Flossing is another important part of keeping your mouth healthy. It helps remove plaque that is in hard to reach places, like at the base of your gums. This plaque can cause periodontal disease, decay, bad breath, and even heart disease. Yep, you heard that right. The same plaque found in your mouth is the plaque that clogs your heart’s arteries. We suggest flossing once a day. It doesn’t matter if you do it in the morning or night. What matters is that it is done.

Professional Oral Care

You can only do so much at home. Professional oral care – regular cleanings every six months – are an important part of keeping your mouth in good shape. A professional cleaning removes bacteria that are embedded deep in your dentin, as well as in your gums. Additionally, it gives the dentist the opportunity to inspect your mouth for any abnormalities or potential issues down the road.

In addition to the preventative nature of professional oral care, there’s also professional intervention. For example, patients who have caries (cavities), will need them filled to avoid having the decay spread. Dr. Sadati will make sure each cavity is cleaned, filled, and cured so that the decay is stopped.

If you’re looking for a dentist with extensive experience in helping patients achieve good oral health through at home and professional treatment methods, contact our team. Dr. Sadati is passionate about keeping his patients healthy and ensuring their needs are met both in office and at home.