Professional Teeth Whitening VS OTC Teeth Whitening Products

Professional Teeth Whitening

What Are Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Products?

If you are shopping for toothpaste, toothbrushes, or mouthwash at your local pharmacy chain, supermarket, or superstore, you may see a number of over-the-counter teeth whitening options such as whitening strips and wraps, gel trays, and even bleaching pens. These one-size-fits-all products are advertised to lighten and whiten the color of your teeth.

Why Do People Choose OTC Teeth Whitening Products?

A number of whitening strips from major household brands may work well enough for the cost, but consumers find that certain strips are only effective in whitening the front six of your upper and lower teeth. Unfortunately, this means that, even with regular use, you can expect your front teeth and rear teeth to be different colors. Mass-produced teeth whitening products are popular for a couple of reasons:

  • OTC teeth whitening products are cheap. While on an errand run or shopping for groceries, over-the-counter products are inexpensive enough that customers may choose to impulse-buy strips or gel on a whim.

  • OTC teeth whitening products are convenient. The over-the-counter products are so profitable and popular that customers can purchase them from a number of major retailers, including massive pharmacy chains that are open late or for 24 hours.

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening describes highly-effective, in-office, professional-grade teeth whitening techniques that can only be administered by a trained dental technician. At The Sadati Center For Aesthetic Dentistry in Wellington, Florida, we are proud to offer multiple options for smile brightening to suit your preferences and help you achieve your aesthetic goals:

1. The Sapphire Light Technique: Improve your smile with a same-day, single-hour treatment that can lighten your teeth up to 10 shades. This professional treatment is quicker and easier and far more effective than a regular commitment to mass-produced strips or trays.

2. The Sadati Home-Whitening System: Don’t confuse these professional-grade trays with one-size-fits-all products from your local superstore–with the Sadati Home-Whitening System, you can take home a set of custom-made trays meant for your smile only. Watch your smile brighten before your eyes in the comfort of your own home. These personalized trays are meant to be worn for 30-60 minutes every day for two weeks.

3. The Sadati Deep-Bleaching Treatment: A combination of the Sapphire Light Technique and the Sadati Home-Whitening System to address persistent tetracycline discoloration of teeth and deeper teeth staining as well.

Why Is Professional Whitening The Better Choice?

  • Professional teeth whitening is customized to your needs. If you experience gum or tooth sensitivity, you don’t want to risk exposing your gum tissues to the chemicals in over-the-counter strips, trays, or gels. Instead, you can trust Dr. Sam Sadati to carefully brush hydrogen peroxide over the surface of your teeth. Even your take-home bleaching tray would be tailor-made so that it fits perfectly over your teeth without any risk of irritating your gums.

  • Professional teeth whitening is much more effective. In professional hands, you can expect better results and a brighter white. There’s not a single mass-produced product on the market that can safely yield the 8-10 shade difference that you can get from your dentist’s office.

To maintain your improved smile after professional whitening, your dentist might advise you to cut down on food and drink with darker pigmentation.

If you are located in Wellington, Florida or the West Palm Beach area and ready for a more radiant, youthful smile, consider The Sadati Center For Aesthetic Dentistry. Dr. Sam Sadati offers three options for professional teeth whitening, and other cosmetic dentistry services such as porcelain veneers and laminates, dental implants, or metal-free fillings. New patients are welcome to call 888-873-3558, and our returning patients can reach us at 561-753-8484.