Single Or Multiple Implants

Male Dentist showing female dentist a tooth

There is little as disheartening as a gap in your smile, a place where an otherwise perfect set of teeth is marred by a glaring hole. More important than just detracting from your visual appearance, missing teeth can also create difficulty in speaking or eating properly.  There was a time that the only solution to a missing tooth was a set of uncomfortable partial dentures or just living with the unsightly hole.  No longer!  New advances in cosmetic dentistry have provided options that will allow you to regain your beautiful smile and restore your ability to speak and eat properly with ease!

What Happens When You Get Implants?

Your dentists will prepare x-rays of your jaw to determine the best way to approach your surgery.  The areas of bone that are the strongest will be identified, and they’ll make certain they won’t cause any complications with your sinus passages.  Once the proper placement has been determined, they’ll administer a numbing agent to your gum and jawbone, make the proper incisions, and then position the implants within your jaw.  Once all the posts are properly placed, the gum tissue will be rearranged and sutures placed to seal the incisions.  After recovery you’ll return to have the rest of the procedure completed, the abutments attached and the proper restoration pieces put on the posts.

Should I Get A Single Implant Or Multiple?

If you’re missing a single tooth a single implant can be a great way to go. Obviously, in that case, you wouldn’t need a multiple tooth implant.  However, if you’re missing several teeth you can have a multiple tooth replacement done.  In this instance, your dentist may choose to place an implant-supported bridge or even a full denture.  Implant bridges are used to replace multiple adjacent teeth and require multiple posts for proper support, the exact number being dependent on the overall restoration size.

What If I’m Missing All My Teeth?

In the event that you’re missing all of your teeth, there’s another option available to you, an implant known as an “implant-supported denture”.  These are essentially implants that restore a full set of teeth to the patient, and often require four or more posts for proper support.

Why Implants?

Implants are far and away superior to traditional options, providing a level of comfort and convenience matched only by your natural teeth.  They don’t have the artificial look of many more traditional replacements, instead appearing more like natural teeth.  Additionally, there’s no concern for slippage, embarrassing mishaps, or messy jars for cleaning your dentures. Instead, you get to have a brand new set of teeth that look and feel just like your natural teeth.

If you think implants might be an option for you, and you’d like to have a bright, healthy, beautiful smile again, speak to your dentist.  The surgical procedures are remarkably affordable these days. With implants, you’ll be able to eat, speak, and smile again with confidence, and no one will be the wiser!