The Flaws of Google Glass

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The many features of Google Glass.

As tech gurus get hyped up for the 2014 release of Google Glass, they should be wary of the risks involved with wearing the tiny super computer.

For those who haven’t heard, Google Glass is a miniature internet-connected computer worn on the face like glasses.  With Google Glass, one can take photos, videos, check email, send text messages, video chat, use GPS, among other features.  Essentially it’s an all-in-one computer and iPhone, and one that is worn on the face. Star Trek fans can fulfill their sci-fi fantasies with Google Glass.

While some may gasp in horror at the thought of a computer attached to one’s eyeballs, think of how much time people already spend on their computers and cell phones.  Staring at some sort of LCD screen probably takes up a good percentage of the average worker’s day, so how could wearing a computer be any worse?

The Problem with Google Glass

According to some ophthalmologists, it may be.  In fact, Google has banned the device to children under 13 in fear that it may cause damage to those with still developing eyesight.

Google says the Glass isn’t for everyone. “Like when wearing glasses, some people may feel eye strain or get a headache,” the firm stated on a website for the gadget.  “If you’ve had Lasik surgery, ask your doctor about risks of eye impact damage before using Glass.”

Google also made it known that the Glass will be returnable for an applicable period, so that customers who struggle with eyesight problems or other health issues can get a full refund.

A wise decision on the company’s part, as the Glass doesn’t come cheap at $1,500 a pop. Of course that’s the cost right now to developers and people who are anxious to start designing apps for the device before it’s wide release.  Once available to the general public, the device will be cheaper but not by much.

But a more worrisome concern than eye strain is the security issue.  Hackers have already proven ability to hack into Google Glass devices.  The implications of this are more alarming than a regular computer hacking: because Google Glass is equipped with a microphone and camera, hackers can not only watch your ever move but literally see everything you’re looking at and hear everything you do.  Hackers can potentially record your activity, view passwords being entered, door codes, etc.  This is a software glitch Google claims will be thoroughly worked out before next year.

Let’s certainly hope so — talk about an invasion of privacy!  

Who plans on purchasing Google Glass next year?  

Do you think it will become a ‘gotta have it’ item, or is it too expensive?

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