The Golden Toilet Paper

gold bar and coins

King Midas would find himself in familiar territory with the release of a product that is truly a waste of money: golden toilet paper. It’s not a trick or gimmick. An Australian company has actually made a roll of toilet paper made from 22-carat gold. Humanity has indeed reached a new low (or high depending on your sense of humor).

To be honest, it’s surprising that it took this long for someone to finally make this product. Humans have been enamored with gold since time immemorial. It seems only logical we’d eventually reach this level of obsession. A level where we had to make our toilet paper gilded.

Toilet Paper Man

The golden roll as pictured on the company’s website.

The name of the company is Toilet Paper Man. The roll is going for a price of $1,376,900, a price that’s considered a bargain. As of today, no one has purchased the product, though the company remains optimistic. Whoever does also receives a bottle of champagne and a personal delivery of the roll.

Though it’s called Toilet Paper Man, the company actually sells an assortment of products: cling wrap, foil, air fresheners, gloves, even bottled water. If the golden roll doesn’t sell, at the very least it’s sure to drive traffic to the company. It certainly is an excellent marketing ploy…though an expensive one.

A gold plated vacuum is just one of many objects we’ve covered in our favorite metal.

Toilet paper just happens to be the most recent and possibly most wasteful product fashioned from gold. There are plenty of other gold plated objects out there. Some are cool, some are hilarious.


So what was the inspiration for this creation? Not surprisingly it comes from that jewel of a city  in the Middle East that only the wealthiest frequent: Dubai. Actually it is only the 22nd most expensive city in the world. Still it has a reputation for extravagance with its hotels and man-made islands. It’s even called the “City of Gold.”

Recently a gold plated Mercedes was spotted in Dubai. There’s a good chance of the city’s hotels will jump on this toilet paper offer.

The company says that some of the hotels in Dubai house full gold toilet seats and handles. They observed this and took it a step further. And though made of gold, the toilet paper is 3-ply and is “100% usable and safe.” But who will get their hands on it first? A prodigal Hollywood celebrity or a globe trotting oil baron?

One contender has got to be the Hong Kong jewelry company Hang Fung. This company has already produced the world’s most expensive bathroom. It features a $4.87 million toilet seat as well as gold on all surfaces in the lavatory. For the average consumer, a great, funny, and much more feasible alternative to this gold toilet paper is the money toilet paper roll.

The famed $3 million Hang Fung Gold Toilet. The golden toiler paper would really just tie the room together.


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