Things You Should Know About Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance has become a given for significant, expensive procedures. Modern dental practices have to adapt to their patient’s financial situations and give options for payment plans. Dental insurance can be the right choice for you if you want to make sure that you’re able to get the procedures you need without sacrificing hard-earned money and time. Dental insurance can be one of the smartest decisions anyone can make, and there are numerous benefits that come with having dental insurance as a backup.
If you’re interested in finding a dental insurance plan that fits your needs, here are some basic dental insurance facts that you should be aware of before making the investment.

Dental Insurance Covers Preventative Care

Dental insurance is made to cover some of the most basic treatments, including cleanings, checkups, and procedures such as fluoride and dental sealants. At most, when you visit your dentist for an annual or six-month checkup, you should only spend at most $200 for one visit. This means that your dental insurance should cover at least 60% of the costs, and if you’re able to find one that covers 100% costs, then you’re golden.

You Need Basic Restorative Coverage

Dental plans should cover at least 80% of the costs for restorative treatments, such as fillings, extractions, and repairs for crowns and bridges. Specific plans will only cover certain types of fillings and other restorative procedures, but by having this insurance, you can reduce the costs by only paying the 20%.

Some Services Cost Extra

Not all services offered by dentists can be covered by your insurance. Treatments such as braces tend to result in out of pocket costs, meaning your need to purchase a rider policy to amend the terms of the policy to cover your dental care. Other services, such as restorative services, can be covered by your insurance by at least 50%, but will still cost you much more money out of pocket. Coverage in these cases is still valuable, and if you need these services to keep your teeth healthy, then it’s best to plan ahead and work with your dentist on how to best care for your dental health.

Dental Insurance has Waiting Periods

Depending on the type of dental treatment you need, your dental plan will need to process the payments by cooperating with the dental practice and its policy representatives. Specific procedures, such as those under preventative care, can take as little as 30 days, while others, such as essential restorative services, can take up to 3 months. With this in mind, you should be vigilant about your dental care and get the services you need so your insurance can process the payments.

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