Tips for Sticking to Your Resolution

Resolution written on a chalk board with post its labeled 1 2 and 3
New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being abandoned within a few weeks, or even days, of the new year. We make them because we’d truly like to see them accomplished. Yet like most things, to see them through requires serious self motivation. Motivation is not always one of our strong suits. That said, motivation is definitely something that can be learned. So for this year’s resolutions we’ve assembled a number of ways to help reinforce your determination to stick to your resolutions.
  1. The Buddy System: Just as going to the gym is easier when you have a workout partner, teaming up with a buddy with a similar resolution can make a world of difference. A teammate adds support and can berate you when you try to procrastinate. It’s also a great feeling to know that you helped someone else realize their goal.


  2. Write it all down: This applies not only to the resolution itself. It’s a great idea to keep a daily journal in order to keep track of your progress each week with your goals. A journal also allows you see to your progress and accomplishments. It doesn’t matter when you write your entries. The most important part is to keep it consistent.
  3. Hold yourself accountable: This is easier said than done, but it’s a must for accomplishing your resolution. You’re the only one that can make yourself pursue your resolution. The best way to overcome procrastination and distraction is consistency. Above anything else, being consistent with new habits you’re trying to adopt will make them much easier to embrace.


  4. Make a Vision Board: It might seem cheesy, but a vision board is a great way to keep your mind on track. By literally seeing your goals everyday, you’ll be reminded of what you have to do to make them a reality. Get to work cutting out pictures from magazines, books, or print outs, put them on a board, and make sure it’s in a place where you’ll see it everyday.
  5. Remember to enjoy the journey: A lot of joy can come from challenging our set patterns and stepping out of our comfort zone. At the same time, challenging ourselves can be frustrating. So remember to have fun with the process. Even if you suffer a setback, each day is a new opportunity to give your resolution another go.
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