Tips to Combat Gum Disease

male dentist holding a mirror mouth and curette while female patient smiles

While much of the attention in the dentistry world is focused on cavities, many people neglect the importance of gum disease. Gum disease develops when bacteria either from food or normal oral flora begin to grow on top of the gums. These bacteria often feed on crumbs left over in the mouth from prior meals. People with gum disease might notice that their gums start bleeding during the brushing routine or become puffy with the bacterial infection. If people neglect this gum disease, often called gingivitis, this can lead to severe root and bone damage. There are several tips that people should abide by to treat and prevent gum disease.

Brush & Floss Every Day

First, gum disease develops when people neglect their normal routine. People should be brushing at least twice per day with an antibacterial or fluorinated toothpaste. Anyone with gum disease should be brushing thoroughly after every meal. In addition, make sure to floss every day. While brushing is great for cleaning the exposed surfaces of teeth, floss is essential to cleaning out the crevices between teeth and around the gumline. Many people will add a mouthwash twice per day for extra cleaning. These are all important first steps to preventing or eliminating gum disease.

Schedule a Regular Cleaning

Next, everyone should get a regular cleaning at the dentist’s office. People should make sure they visit a dentist every six months for a deep cleaning. While brushing and flossing regularly is important for treating or preventing gum disease, ultimately these techniques cannot prevent gum disease completely. Food and bacteria will eventually build up, forming plaque and tartar around the surfaces and edges of teeth, leading to gum disease. Dentists are specially trained to remove this plaque and tartar to keep make sure gums remain healthy. Make sure to visit the dentist every six months for a deep cleaning.

Invest in Antibiotics

Sometimes, gum disease progresses rapidly and gets out of control. When this happens, it is time to invest in some antibiotics. While mouthwashes and toothpaste often contain antibiotics that can keep these infections at bay, sometimes oral antibiotics are needed. If these bacteria have progressed to the deep gum tissues or even the roots, strong medication is needed to clean them out. Sometimes, bacteria can form abscesses beneath the gum tissue that might merit incision and drainage. Do not hesitate to contact a healthcare professional if the gum disease appears to be worsening.

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