Town Crier – Feature 1 – Dr. Sadati is Tops

Dr. Sadati standing in his practice

Top South Florida Dentistry

Need a new smile? Dr. Sam Sadati can create it for you. Specializing in cosmetic dentistry at his Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in Wellington, this uncommon dentist is not only well equipped to see to a patient’s dental health needs, he is also one of the best qualified to improve the appearance of one’s smile.

“The outcome of all my work always includes cosmetic results,” Sadati said, “We can create the best smile a person can dream of.”

As a specialist in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Sadati is one of the most accomplished in his field. Earlier this year, he was awarded accreditation by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, one of only 231 who hold that distinction in the world. Sadati noted that he is one of just four with the qualification in the state, and the only one practicing South Florida.

Sadati points out that while there are several thousand members of the AACD worldwide, accreditation is an honor requiring years of study and preparation, including presentation of work on five patients who each required different procedures, in order to demonstrate skill and competence in cosmetic dentistry. “The examiners are extremely picky and the cases have to be flawless,” Sadati said. “We are even graded on our photography,” he added, noting that dental photography is just one of the disciplines that much be mastered by aspirants for accreditation.

Sadati explained how he took over a thousand slides of the work he did on five patients in order to get the best imagery possible, and he is extremely grateful for their patience and cooperation that helped him achieve his honor. “I am so thankful of my patients,” he said. “I have the most wonderful patients, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Sadati said that the stages of study and examination seem easy compared to the preparation needed to present those five perfect cases, and many aspirants eventually just give up. “Doing the actual work, that’s where the boys are separated from the men,” he said.

But Sadati is apparently not content to rest on his laurels, as he is aiming for fellowship status with the AACD – which will require presentation of 50 example cases.

In the meantime, he is completing the research project that will earn him a certificate of competency for cosmetic dentistry form the State University of New York at Buffalo, the only institute offering such a credit. Sadati said the certificate has been offered for less than a decade, and he is part of only the second round of dentists working for it.

But while Sadati seems determined to earn every qualification available to one in his profession – he also recently earned a fellowship with Academy of General Dentistry, and intends to earn their mastership rating – he noted that the academic and professional honors for cosmetic dentistry in particular mean a lot to him because his specialty is not yet recognized as a distinct field like orthodontics or oral surgery.

“Any dentist can tell you they’re a cosmetic dentist,” he explained, “but there has to be a way the consumer can understand who is capable of performing these procedures.”

The procedures Sadati speaks of include implant surgery, veneers and tooth whitening, just about anything modern technology and artistry can provide to create a better, healthier, natural-looking smile. The most satisfying part of his job, Sadati said, is the aesthetic aspect. “I like the artistic part of the industry,” he said, “like the fact that you can do something on the artistic side of something medical.”

Most people don’t enjoy visits to the dentist, and when the dentist is offering procedures based on a patient’s choice and not medical necessity, the prospect of a spell in the dentist’s chair has to be enticing, and at the Sadati Center it is. Sadati’s goal is to welcome patients into “a friendly environment with the latest technology available and do things the easiest way possible for the guests” – and like “guests” is how his patients are made to feel.

A visit to Dr. Sadati is more of a visit to a dental spa. His treatment rooms are decorated with cascading water, candles and plasma-screen televisions. Patients can enjoy a selection of CDs of DVDs while undergoing treatment. His friendly and attentive staff offer patients a menu resembling that of a day spa, offering paraffin hand treatments, and aromatherapy packages to naturally enhance relaxation. This ritual is designed for a special spa experience while at the dentist, making it much more enjoyable.

“We have all kinds of amenities, Sadati said, “We have warm neck pillows, warm blankets, a 16-page menu of movies and CDs, aromatherapies, a massage chair, hot-towel dispenser…”

And these extras don’t complicate the work, said Sadati, who strives to make the experience relaxing. “it makes it much easier for me as a dentist knowing the patient is comfortable,” he said. “We try to make it easy for the patient. When it is easy for the patient, it is easy for the dentist.”

Because he is not your typical dentist, Sadati does not see the typical stream of patients every day. “It’s a different kind of dentistry,” he said. “We see two to three patients a day. We take our time, we are not in a rush.”

Sadati said the work he does is intended to make his patients feel good about themselves, raising their self-esteem and presentation to the world. He takes his time with them, often spending several hours just on a consultation. The reward, he said, is seeing the changes a new smile can make in their lives. “The main thing is confidence,” he said, “and that can make all the difference.”

Dr. Sadati lives in Boca Raton with his wife Olivia, a former partner at Ernst & Young who is raising their two daughters, but is also instrumental in helping her husband in business planning. “The hardest part of dentistry that is challenging is actually running the business,” Sadati noted.

The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry is located in Wellington at 10140 W. Forest Hill Blvd. Suite 140 in the Pointe at Wellington Green. For more information, call (561) 753-8484 or visit