What is an Intraoral Camera?

A female patient laying down and getting her teeth checked

Dental technology has rapidly advanced, leading to the introduction of various new products, all intricately designed to suit patients in need and help the dentist better diagnose dental problems earlier on. As the improvement of dental technology increases, so does the standard of dental care. One piece of equipment that is now becoming standard for dentistry offices everywhere is the intraoral camera. With companies continuously pushing the boundaries of science and technology, the intraoral camera is just one of the results of this innovation.

What is an Intraoral Camera?

Intraoral cameras are tiny, digital cameras that dentist use to capture images of difficult to reach areas in the mouth. The instrument appears as an oversized pen, and the camera at the tip of the pen takes high-resolution footage or images and shows them in real-time to their patient. This detailed camera allows dentists to see the small details of the mouth that they would usually miss, such as swollen gums, teeth surfaces, and other dental issues, all while the patient is comfortably seated in their chair. These images and footage allow the dentist to zoom in and examine the photos in-depth, and also provide highly detailed medical records for future treatments.

What are the Benefits of Intraoral Cameras?

Because of the improvements to today’s technology, intraoral cameras have become a set standard for dentists everywhere to assure patients and give them insight into their health. Intraoral cameras come with many benefits, including:

Allow Your Dentist To Work Efficiently – Originally, dentists have used extraoral dental cameras, a camera that takes pictures and footage outside of the patient’s mouth. Extraoral cameras still have continued use today, and when compared to intraoral, can take larger photos of the mouth within a specific focal range. However, extraoral cameras require retractors, mirror adjustments, and frames to be able to take the images. With intraoral cameras, they operate at faster speeds and don’t need extra equipment to function.

Give Patients Insight of their Oral Health – Intraoral cameras work not just for the dentist’s benefit but also for the patient. With the intraoral camera, patients can become interactive with their health, and see inside their mouth to better understand the symptoms they’re experiencing. Dentists will also be able to teach their patients about certain parts of their mouth, what issues they’re experiencing, and see into parts of their mouth that they’re missing when taking care of their teeth.

Provide Better Insurance Claims – For patients who want coverage for their treatment, intraoral cameras allow dentists to share these high-resolution images to their insurance providers, giving them better proof of their condition. Digital copies also help solidify insurance cases and make processing approval and payment for treatment much smoother.

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