What Makes Dental Implants Extraordinary?

man and woman smiling

Dreamy Smiles Are Included

If a natural looking smile has seemed out of reach, dental implants may very well be the solution. Whether it was injury, illness or advanced tooth decay that caused the loss of one or more teeth, it is a stressful situation. Many people stop smiling in public because they are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth. Implantology brings hope to people who would prefer to restore their smiles without having to resort to full dentures. Dr. Sam S. Sadati believes in the power of a confident smile created with the help of natural looking dental implants for his patients in Wellington, FL.

Implants Happen in Three Stages

Because dental implants are essentially a permanent option, it does take a bit of time to see the final results. Patients who are seeing the benefits of their new smiles will attest to the fact it is worth the wait. At The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, all stages of dental implants are completed in-house. Dr. Sadati prefers to see his patients through treatment to ensure the quality of the outcome.

Stage One:

The first portion of treatment is the actual surgical implantation of a titanium rod into the jaw bone. The affected tooth and root structure must be removed prior to insertion of the rod. Before surgery begins, Dr. Sadati will analyze bone structure to determine appropriate placement and size of the implants to be used. It is necessary to have enough bone available to receive the implanted rod successfully.

Stage Two:

This is the longest stage. A titanium rod is used because it is actually a bio-compatible material. That means the bone will naturally grow and fuse around the rod. The rod becomes a part of the jaw bone and therefore provides an anchor that can be stronger than a natural root. Depending upon the patient’s individual rate of bone growth, this stage can last from 3-8 months.

Stage Three:

After the wait is over, it is time for the final stage. Dr. Sadati will attach a prosthetic tooth in the form of a crown to the rod. The crown is designed to match the patient’s natural teeth in both size, shape, and color. Once in place, a completed dental implant can last a lifetime when cared for properly.

What if more than one tooth needs to be replaced?

The beauty of dental implants is that they are actually quite versatile. Bridges can be created which attach to the implanted rods when multiple connected teeth need replacement. Implants can also make dentures more comfortable and user friendly when full mouth restoration is necessary. The implants prevent slippage and allow patients to eat foods other denture wearers only dream of. Another bonus of dental implants is that the natural teeth around the implants are easier to clean.

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