Once In A Lifetime Photographs

A comet, a lightning strike and fireworks in one photo

Fireworks, a comet and lightening strike in the same frame.

Like many others, I am a lover of photography.  A photographer’s dream is to catch those once in a lifetime moments that make your images stand out from all the others.  Those infinitesimal pauses, once captured, last forever with the opportune click of the shutter button.

That said, it is very hard to capture one of these moments.  One needs to be in the right place at the right time, so to speak.  A true photographer is always at the ready in case they witness some phenomenon that will make for their one glorious shot.

Some have been successful at this — and they’re not all professionals.  I scoured the internet for some rare, once in a lifetime Kodak moments. Buzzfeed has a great list which I mostly picked from with a few others thrown in:

Lightning Strikes Iconic Bridge

Lightning strikes San Fransisco bridge

Photographer Phil McGrew captured this rare moment during which eight bolts of lightening are striking the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.  You can tell this photograph was taken from inside due to the raindrops stuck to the glass window.  Normally photos taking from behind glass do not make for impressive photos, but that did not hold true in this instance.

Here Comes The Bride…There Goes the Bride

Bridal Party falls into lake

Outside of Chicago, a bridal party falls into a lake as the dock collapses under the weight.

One Giant Flamingo

Pink Flamingos in the shape of a Flamingo

In a strange circumstance, a flock of flamingos come together in the shape of one enormous flamingo.

Wanna Fight?

A Praying mantas about to fight a green bird

A praying mantis decides to take on a bird…my bet is the bird won this one.

The Sting

The exact moment a bee has stung someone and flying away.

This photo was taken at the Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility, UC Davis.  The string connecting the bee to its stinger is abdominal tissue, making this is an atypical bee sting.

Those were some of my favorites.  Which did you like?  Does anyone have a precious, rare once-in-a-lifetime photo they’d like to share?