Oral Health

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Therapeutic, Natural, and Cosmetic Mouth Rinses

A mouth rinse (also known as a mouthwash or an oral rinse) is more important than you might think. You might have a mouthwash at home – an over-the-counter liquid rinse that you sometimes swish around your mouth, tongue, gums, and teeth – most probably to mask bad breath. There are other types of oral

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Tips to Combat Gum Disease

While much of the attention in the dentistry world is focused on cavities, many people neglect the importance of gum disease. Gum disease develops when bacteria either from food or normal oral flora begin to grow on top of the gums. These bacteria often feed on crumbs left over in the mouth from prior meals.

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How Oil Pulling Can Supplement Your Oral Health

Before the days of expensive dental products and advanced oral technology, people relied on remedies made from ingredients in their own homes to maintain health. Oil pulling, a traditional Indian folk remedy, is an age-old solution that specifically addresses common oral health problems such as tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease and dry lips, as well as promoting whiter

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Where Does My Morning Breath Come From?

Morning breath is a pretty unpleasant problem that affects most people. Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to reduce the problem and help your breath smell a little fresher when you wake up. What Causes Morning Breath? Morning breath is usually caused by anaerobic bacteria, which break down the food that you eat and

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Learn Why Diet Soda Is Horrible For Your Smile

You might think you’re doing your body a favor by choosing diet soda and avoiding all the sugar that’s packed into other soft drinks, but diet soda can actually be deadly for your smile. Did you know it’s full of acids that can erode your teeth, leading to cavities and decay? Acid Erosion and Dental Decay

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First trimester to baby: Oral care tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy and the hormonal changes it entails can have a significant impact on the pH balance of your mouth. These changes create the ideal conditions for harmful bacteria to flourish, so pregnant women are more predisposed to the development of plaque, tooth decay and periodontal disease. Hormonal changes can also lead to bleeding, swollen gums

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Can Chocolate Really Be Good for Your Teeth?

Yep, you read that correctly! Many published reports have shown that certain compounds in chocolate are more effective than fluoride at hardening tooth enamel, helping to prevent tooth decay and costly dental issues down the road. While you shouldn’t trade in your toothpaste for a chocolate bar, this research builds on a strong body of

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graphic of gingivitis

10 Signs You Might Have Gingivitis

The dreaded statement “You have gingivitis” is one of the last things anyone wants to hear while sitting in the dentist’s chair. While gingivitis is the most common non-contagious disease in the world, it can be so mild you may not even know you have the condition. Unfortunately, this disease can lead to more serious

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The 7 Biggest Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Issues with tooth sensitivity affect millions of people across the nation. Some may experience sharp pains in one or two particular teeth, while others may feel a constant discomfort spread throughout their mouth. Tooth sensitivity occurs when the enamel in a tooth is worn away and the gum line recedes, leaving the unprotected root exposed.

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5 teeth tips to brighten your summer

Summer is a time for increased activity and fun in the sun, often combined with a sweet treat or a cold drink. You may not give your summer teeth much thought, but this season can have an impact on your dental health. The following are five aspects of summer that can affect your teeth, along

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5 Steps To Preventing Periodontal Disease

Individuals battle with forms of gum disease on a daily basis. A combination of factors can contribute to this affliction, ranging from genetic predisposition to poor dental hygiene. With a little work, virtually anyone can drastically reduce their chances of developing severe oral health issues like gum disease.When dental health is ignored, plaque begins to

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4 Foods That Make Your Smile Healthier

In today’s world of coffee, fast food, and soda, it’s easy to forget the importance of protecting the surface of our teeth. Even the smallest adjustments to diet can make a big difference in oral health and tooth color. Although brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash are all important aspects of good dental hygiene, certain foods can still have

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Dental Health and Your Diet

Your body works hard to convert the foods you eat into energy. You may not think twice about what you are eating – especially when it comes to grabbing an afternoon snack or sipping on a vanilla latte on your commute. But the food you put in your mouth affects more than just your waistline.

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Bad Breath

Having bad breath can be an embarrassing problem – especially if you are regularly face to face with other people. Known professionally as halitosis, bad breath plagues many people every day. Most cases of bad breath can be remedied by efficiently brushing the teeth. However, some types of bad breath are chronic or recurring, which

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How to Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is probably a standard part of your daily routine, but chances are you aren’t following the American Dental Association’s guidelines for cleaning your teeth properly. The ADA currently recommends that you brush your teeth at minimum of two times each day – preferably morning and night or anytime you eat foods that

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Electric Brush vs. Manual Brushes

Preventative dentistry is about more than just visiting your dentist twice yearly for an exam and thorough cleaning. In fact, the majority of your preventative care is done at-home as a part of your normal hygienic routine. Many residents use manual toothbrushes to remove debris and plaque from their teeth. However, electric brushes have become

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How to Floss Your Teeth

Flossing is an important part of an oral hygiene routine, but research suggests that fewer than half of Americans do so daily. Flossing is simple and only takes an extra couple of minutes per day. Developing a healthy habit of flossing can prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and it may allow you to keep

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