Smile Design

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Your Stunning Smile Makeover

Your complimentary Smile Design Evaluation begins with a personal consultation and visual examination by Dr. Sadati and his professional team. Using digital radiology, advanced photography and model impressions, we evaluate your lip line, facial shape, jaw angle and the symmetry of your eye among other factors. Each of these elements are essential when designing the most beautiful, natural smile for each individual guest.

After completing your evaluation, Dr. Sadati partners with you to plan your Smile Makeover, taking the time to answer your questions and discuss any needs and concerns you may have. Depending on the scope of your treatment plan, your Smile Makeover may require a single treatment or a combination of visits.

We incorporate the latest dental techniques and technology to create the smile that fits and compliments your personality, physical features and personal goals. Most smile rejuvenation procedures are relatively simple, painless, fast and budget-friendly.

We cordially invite you to visit with Dr. Sadati and explore your smile goals. Schedule your complimentary Smile Design consultation today.

Partner with a World-Class Florida Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Sadati provides excellent restorations that are designed to offer strength, durability and years of brilliance. This excellence is backed by hundreds of hours performing a wide variety of complex cosmetic procedures and thousands of hours of educational training.

Don’t allow missing teeth, discoloration, staining, spacing, misalignment, old dental work, chipped or worn teeth to keep you from the smile you have always wanted! South Florida dentist Sam Sadati can create your gorgeous smile by filling in spaces, repairing chipped teeth and camouflaging old stains.

Using advanced smile software, Dr. Sadati creates a virtual smile to help you envision many different possibilities before treatment even begins. This smile design is transformed into a wax model of your smile, mimicking the shape, size and shade of your porcelain veneers. Our state-of-the-art lab fashions those veneers to perfection, and we apply them in a short final visit.

Partner with one of the nation’s most lauded South Florida dental experts and accomplish in one or two visits a smile makeover that would have otherwise required years of braces and extensive dental work to achieve.