The Reason for Smiles in Cosmetic Dentistry

woman leaning against a wall smiling

A dazzling smile is a sure indicator of youthfulness and health. Cosmetic dentistry services provided by Dr. Sam S. Sadati and the dental team at The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in Wellington, Florida could help in forming a smile that makes one feel more beautiful and confident.

Cosmetic dentistry covers a big range of dental treatments targeted to enhance the general appearance of the client’s teeth, gums, and smile. General cosmetic dental treatments cover teeth whitening, correcting alignment problems like crowding of teeth or gaps, and using veneers or crowns to cover or cap teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments can be conducted alone or along with other treatments. For example, some people might choose to have the whole mouth to be restored to resolve multiple dental issues simultaneously, while some other client might just a couple of treatments.

Designing the perfect smile

The stunning makeover of a smile begins with a personal consultation and visual exam by Dr. Sadati and his team. Using state of the art technologies such as advanced photography, digital radiology, the facial contours and symmetries are mapped out, and adequate strategies are taken such as:

Porcelain veneers and laminates

Your smile is the first and foremost. Your smile is your introduction to everyone you meet. It enhances the personality, bolstering new personal and career opportunities. When smiles are pretty and appealing, it fulfills life, and otherwise porcelain veneers are the best option.

Where durability is compulsory and a sense of beauty is preferred, porcelain or composite inlays as well as onlays are considered a good option. An inlay offers protection over the teeth grooves and in between teeth, whereas an onlay offers protection to both the grooves and cusps.

When teeth are cracked, rotten, or severely broken, Dr. Sadati may suggest a tooth crown. Crowns or caps are designed by the doctor and the team in the shape of the teeth to cover and protect the remaining teeth structure. Crowns are usually favored because of the versatility and durability that they provide.

Lifting of gums

Sometimes the gums are laid out in a way that can make one tooth look noticeably shorter, when in reality the teeth are perfectly fine. Excessive gum tissue or gum tissue of different heights is not generally unhealthy, but can result in an uneven smile. A gum lift is performed to correct these tooth conditions.

If the patient suffers from a vast array of important and complicated restorative and aesthetic dental problems, Dr. Sadati might suggest restoration of the entire mouth, which improves the dental, musculo-skeletal aspects of the mouth.

Brightening of smiles

Smile brightening enhances one’s smile. With advancing age, there can be teeth discoloration and gradual fading to a pale yellow color. Substances like coffee, tea, and pop adversely stain the teeth, while fluoride damages the nerve.