What Are Those Things In The Dentist’s Office?

dentist tools besides a yellow toothbrush

When we head off to the dentist’s office, we likely aren’t thinking about the tools they’ll use during the visit. Once we arrive and are sitting patiently in the dentist’s chair waiting for them to work on us, we may start to become curious and even a little anxious about that table of strange devices sitting nearby. If you’ve been curious what they’re all for and didn’t want to ask your hygienist or dentist about them, you can read through this handy guide and learn what these strange devices in your dentist’s office are for!

That Unnerving Whine: The Dental Drill
If there is one sound, every dental patient is familiar with it’s the shrill sound of the dental drill and the visions of terror it can bring to the mind of those who fear they may be its next subject. While the dental drill does have a distinct sound that can be unnerving, the truth of the matter is there’s nothing to fear if you need work done that involves it. A local anesthetic renders the drill loud but harmless, and while it is indeed a high speed drill its steady stream of water lets, it does its work without harming you.

Just A Small Pinch: The Dental Syringe
If you’re about to undergo a procedure involving the dental drill, or anything more intensive than a general cleaning, this device is going to be your best friend. You’ll know you’re about to be visited by it when your dentist tells you that there’s going to be “just a small pinch” and pulls out a syringe with an oddly long needle. Don’t worry though, that needle isn’t meant to go all the way into your gums; it’s just long so your dentist can carefully reach all the areas of your mouth that need anesthetic. Imagine trying to numb your molars with a traditional needle; you’d have your dentists whole hand in your mouth.

Things Are Shaping Up: Molds
If you’ve been informed that your future holds a mouth guard, cap, or crown, you’re probably going to become familiar with these. They’re typically a tray filled with a soft, sometimes unpleasant tasting, substance that will take a mold of your teeth and allow your dentist to begin preparing. If you’re fortunate, your dentist will have a flavored version to make the process more pleasant. After you bite down your dentist will remove the mold and set it aside to cure before rinsing your mouth out.

These are just some of the tools you may find in your dentist’s office, and all of them are essential to providing top-notch care for their patients. If you’re looking for a great dental experience, give Dr. Sam S Sadati a call at their office in Wellington, FL. The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry has a reputation for providing exceptional dental care in addition to its top-notch restoration and cosmetic dentistry services.