Why You Should Enter Our Summer iPad Giveaway Contest

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We blogged about how we’re giving away an iPad a few weeks ago.  Many people think a tablet is something they don’t need, and thus will never use.  That’s a valid concern.  Why would anyone need a tablet, especially if you already have a laptop?  Let’s talk about this.

These days, almost everyone needs a computer at their disposal for some reason or other — individuals who work in an office, work from home, and students.  I’m going to focus on students, since it’s mid-July and believe it or not time to start thinking about back to school essentials.  Especially for college students, some of whom return to school as early as the first week of August.

Thousands of college freshmen across the country are shopping for (or perhaps have already purchased) their brand new laptops for school.  But the fact is, an iPad can suit your needs just as well as a regular laptop, maybe even better.  Don’t believe me?  Here are 5 reasons why a student can use an iPad as a laptop (courtesy of CultofMac.com).

The Apps.

Taking notes on an iPad using the ‘Notes’ app.

I don’t mean for playing video games while your in class.  You can complete most homework assignments on an iPad now, even easier if you purchase an inexpensive detachable keyboard like this Logitech Tablet Keyboard for only $69.99.  From the app store, you can download word processing applications like Pages, design power points in Keynote, record videos, upload and edit photographs, print documents, etc.  Unless you’re a Computer Science major, the iPad can provide all the tools you need to succeed in most college courses.

Textbooks Are Cheaper

Do you realize how expensive college textbooks are these days?  Upwards of $100 each, especially for science and pre-med courses.   These days, fortunately students have the option to buy or rent ebooks instead of purchasing brand new textbooks every semester.  Even if you only rent a few and buy the rest hardcopy, you’ll save a couple hundred dollars at least.  If you go this route, the iPad will pay for itself!


If you choose the ebook route, with an iPad you won’t have to lug around so many heavy textbooks.  Not only that, but with the word processing programs you can take notes on your iPad during class as well.  Can you imagine being able to wake up for class, grab your iPad and bluetooth keyboard, and go? Because remember not only your notes are saved on your tablet, but your textbooks too.  No heavy backpack for you!


Once you realize the capability of an iPad compared to that of a Macbook, you won’t have to think twice about your decision.  It’s a price tag of $499 versus a Macbook Air, the cheapest Apple laptop, for a total of $999.  Then again if you enter our iPad giveaway contest, you might be paying nothing at all!

Battery Life

It’s larger than life.  Way better than any Macbook.  Period.

Mobile Internet

If you choose to buy a data plan for your iPad, you’ll have internet no matter where you go on or off campus.  Most universities these days are equipped with wi-fi, but there can be dead areas on campus with no connection.  With the 4G data plan, you never have to worry about losing a signal.

Attention Span

Some people might complain that with the iPad, you can’t have several windows open at the same time like with a laptop computer.  But I say for students, this is a good thing.  Without the option to multitask (as many college students like to) you’ll be able to concentrate easier in class and focus on taking notes instead of playing with your apps.

So if you live in the Palm Beach area and you haven’t entered Dr. Sadati’s iPad giveaway contest, what are you waiting for?  Save yourself the cost of a Macbook computer and enter for a chance to win a FREE iPad to use instead.

To Enter, Click Here.

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